Safe Place travel bed

We make sleep, safety, and sanity possible !!!


Who Can Use Safe Place ?

Our sleep safe beds provide a safe sleeping solution for handicapped persons diagnosed with Autism, Angelman Syndrome, Smith Magenis Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Traumatic Brain injury, Alzheimer's, Epilepsy, Sleep Walking and other conditions.

Why Safe Place ?

Safe Place is the ONLY safety sleeper bed to be set up and deflated in under 5 minutes ! It's lightweight design makes for easy travel by ground of air. Each bed is individually crafted with high-quality materials (over 50% thicker than the standard air mattress!) to withstand kicks, bites and movement; and our special design provides virtually no risk of entrapment. In addition, each Safe Place Bed has a monitoring pocket. Allowing you to keep an eye on your special loved one at all times ! To see just how esay it is to set up a Safe Place Bed and other durability videos, visit our youtube channel !!!


Safe place voyage

Safe place monitoring int

Thanks to its design you 'll also be able to bring it with you when being in hospital

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To purchase it http://www.sweethomealexia.fr/en/store/safe-place-bed-1.html 

We deliver all European countries !!!

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